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Screen Media

SCG Supplies Ltd offer are a wide range of screen media products including:

wire mesh
piano wire, flexi-harp
perforated punch plates
polyurethane screens
polyurethane modular panels
flip flow mats
bofor grizzly decks
finger deck screens
poly block bottom deck fingers

Apertures can range from 5mm to 150mm with wire diameters varying from standard to heavy duty and extra heavy duty, to suit the nature abrasiveness of stone.

Mesh can be made to any panel size and to any desired aperture, with a wire diameter to suit your application.

Sizes for popular brands and machines are often available in a one day dispatch. Larger panels and special apertures can be made to order.

IMG 6442-1024x768

Flexi mesh

IMG 6440-1024x768

Elongated mesh

IMG 6445-1024x768

Square mesh


Piano Wire mesh


As popular and trusted as woven wire screens are, we have seen a number of customers from within the UK and from around the world enquiring, trialing and then switching to rubber screen panels.

There are numerous advantages rubber screens have over woven mesh.

rubebr mats
In similar applications they have been found to last 6 to 8 times longer than woven mesh which justifies the slight difference in price between the two.
Another advantage of rubber screens over steel mesh lies in the flexibility of the bridges, which reduced blinding and clogging up of the material.
The noise pollution of the screening process is greatly decreased by switching to rubber mesh, as there is no metal-to-metal contact, other than the clamps.
IMG 1594

Rubber screens will be made to order, and therefore can be made to fit any size of screen box, and to any aperture. There can easily be sections left blank in order to encourage an increased and more diverse mix of aggregate product coming off each deck.


To find out more about the advantages rubber screens have over wire mesh,and the other screening options we have to offer, please contact us to discuss your requirements further

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