Part Number:Portafill Impact Crusher with Recirc

Portafill 7000IC-R / MI-7R

Part Description:

The 7000IC-R features the standard 7000IC with the addition of a screen and recirculating system. Oversize material can be returned to the feeder of the crusher or optional stockpiled to the side of the machine. The recirculating system is hydraulic folding and has a Patented folding mechanism that means that the system does not need to be removed from the machine for transport.

Key Features

  • Recirculating system gives sized final product
  • High performance screen box giving excellent production
  • Patented folding mechanism allowing recirculating system to be transported on machine
  • Compact size means machine can be transported in 40ft shipping container
  • Option to return oversize to feeder or stockpile to side